Syntek USB Camera built-in Video works with version 2. For Skype, need some fix: This section aims to help you install your webcam’s drivers if they have not been automatically installed by Ubuntu. Fglrx for ati and others are known to have problems, specially with video overlay. Only oddity is preview — works if you stop your video and then restart.

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Install the old Medibuntu skype packages, see this forum: Logitech Quickcam Driver Yeah im seing static. Testing Your Webcam Using Cheese Ubuntu aims to provide ‘out-of-the-box’ or ‘just-works’ functionality for webcams. Beans 23 Distro Ubuntu 7. Driver installation Logitech quickcam ubuntu Webcam drivers are provided by several different projects.

SkypeWebCams – Ubuntu Wiki

The same trick also works for Camorama, and mplayer. Not just with Skype, but also Cheese. Tested with gnome-sound-recorder 2.

The ID then appears after “ID” on that line, in the form xxxx: The original work was logitech quickcam ubuntu by Georg Acher and was known as ubumtu ; Jean-Frederic Clere took that driver and created the first Video4Linux V4L driver, enabling popular V4L applications such as Xawtv to display pictures from the webcam.

Use the control at bottom left to logitech quickcam ubuntu brightness and the right bottom button in the middle of the bottom of the screen to exit the application. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Trying to setup and use your existing webcam.

I have found a colour section that lists the attached printer plus d Webcam and states that is uncalibrated. Works perfectly with Cheese and Skype 2.

Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. Microphone works too maybe you qiuckcam restart PCLine Webcam k 7. PulseAudio is working better with it. Video and audio works out of the box Skype 2.

Registered protocol family 1 [ 0. Lexma – Panda 10C 8. To get webcam microphone working I had to reboot, go to sound settings and select it in the input tab.

qc-usb: Linux Driver for Quickcam USB cameras

Rebooted and video-chat in Skype 2. Logitech Quickcam Pro for Notebooks May Cheese and VLC work too. Leadership webcam 7. If Cheese doesn’t display the logitech quickcam ubuntu from your webcam, test that the problem is not with Cheese before trying anything else by using one of the programs in the next section.

The command should be: Works out-of-the-box with Skype 2. If your webcam works with V4L2 logitechh, but not with V4L you can check this with gstreamer-properties logitech quickcam ubuntu, you may try one of these hacks.

Needed compiling latest gspca driver.


Camera works out of the box with Skype 2. Logitech QuickCam Webcam for Notebooks. Microphone may suffer from “clicking sound” issue see https: From logitech quickcam ubuntu forum Qiickcam have discovered that the kernel appears to be 3.

Logitech Webcam Pro for Business Other webcams produced by Logitech are supported under Linux but use a separate driver.