Line out on almost any name brand devices is 16 bit limited these days. It has all the same controls as the original Nomad Jukebox and even includes a jog dial, as well as Back and Find buttons, for easier operation. What do you lose? The user can control the synchronisation process completely. Maybe a collector’s item. You can also automatically add all downloaded tracks to a playlist of of your choice.

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Digital audio players Creative Technology Limited products Singaporean brands Consumer electronics brands. The reverse engineer idea would make sense if the chips were common. Aug 15, Posts: What’s the big deal about this ability? You can also creative nomad jukebox 2 add all downloaded tracks to creative nomad jukebox 2 playlist of of your choice. To start with, you must specify the root directory where you keep your MP3s, by pressing the Configure Not interested in starting another flame war about the value of DACs, but I do know people interested in audiophile equipment value good DACs.

Creative NOMAD – Wikipedia

As of now the current release does nearly everything that I want it to do, although it does lack some polish and there many, many more nice creative nomad jukebox 2 that could be added, but my schedule does not give me much time at the moment. Retrieved from ” https: The Bad No remote or carrying case; lacks extra features.

I suspect its because the above worked just fine for me at the time, iTunes sucked on Windows, and We got speeds of 0. Went with an Archos Creafive creative nomad jukebox 2 didn’t like the aesthetics as much, but it had a ton more functionality.

Apr 18, Posts: If you select “Delete”, or “Download to Jukebox”, the second row becomes editable, allowing you to select a separate action for the second item. This was quite creative nomad jukebox 2 to me.

The user can control the synchronisation process completely. Also, if some tracks on the playlist have not yet been transfered to the Nomad then you will get the message “Tracks missing on Nomad”. I lusted after one so badly pre-iPod.

NomadSync: Creative Jukebox synchronisation utility

This is something people assume that is absolutely not true. Unless it’s some sort of add-on modification, I was unaware these were optical creative nomad jukebox 2. Review Sections Review Specs. May 12, Posts: Actually you are right, mine was Nomad Jukebox 3 and it had optical in.

For example, if you select “Download to Jukebox” for the track on the PC, then the corresponding Jukebox track will change automatically to “Delete”.

You can also specify NomadSync to upload to a separate directory in xreative “Upload creative nomad jukebox 2 field.

Creative NOMAD

Chuckaluphagus Ars Praefectus Tribus: This page was last edited on 14 Februaryat And wire it to a large ass lead-acid battery. In this case you should unplug the Creative nomad jukebox 2 cable, replug the USB cable, wait for a few seconds until the hot-plugging jukeox in, and then press Search again.

The user can change each action individually, or change all actions nmad one go. Then, when you press creative nomad jukebox 2 Tracks button it compares the tracks on your PC with the tracks on the Jukebox and shows a list of differences.

The player comes with decent-sounding wraparound headphonesbut more discerning listeners will want to swap in a new pair. Is there some superior technical specification that I’m unaware of?

Land of the Bean and the Cod Registered: Try installing the drivers available from from Creative’s Website.