Watch our Tech Videos. The green portion of the box is actually a sleeve that gets ‘unsheathed’ from the silver portion to reveal the motherboard box we are used to seeing. Search For More Articles! The incorporation of NOVUS is supposed to provide an increase in the reliability and maintainability of your new 1stMainboard, while decreasing down-time. DS Cluster – Follow our Sitemap. I was curious to know what the differences were.

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Au13 motherboard (Computer Equipment) in Spring, TX

Search For More Articles! Watch our Tech Videos. Cluster of main power, IDE and Floppy cable connectors makes removing and adding cables slightly difficult. Well FIC must have taken our words to heart because their newly au13 motherboard AU13 is much more “future friendly”. Overclock Partner – a special NOVUS feature which assists au13 motherboard making the over-clocking process easier and quicker by giving you the option of re-booting your system at it’s default settings instead of having to clear the CMOS memory via jumper.

Mack ” SPeeD “. The software included au13 motherboard the CD is pretty impressive. FIC is pretty au13 motherboard as to the products they offer Graphics cards, motherboards, pc systems and internet devicesso let’s see what they have to offer on the venerable nForce2 platform. We are not liable for any negative consequences that may result from implementing any information covered in our articles or tutorials. What will you find on the AU13? I believe that with one of the new MHz Barton’s I would not have had any problems running the 3D benchmarks.

This board is a good choice for the casual user as well as the someone just getting into overclocking as it performs very well running at au13 motherboard or au13 motherboard to au13 motherboard max FSB setting. Not a big deal, but interesting none the less.

mothergoard As such it is incumbent upon the reader to employ real-world tactics for security and implementation of best practices. DS Cluster – Follow our Sitemap.

With the nForce2 chipset now mature and extremely stable, it’s obvious that anyone contemplating purchasing an AMD based system or new motherboard should only moherboard with nVIDIA. The au13 motherboard to the AU13, the AU11, was met au13 motherboard some praise, but lacked some of the features that most boards on the market today have, mainly onboard SATA. Since the Southbridge can generate a lot of heat during extended operation many manufacturers have been adding small passive heatsinks on the chipset as well.

In terms of onboard features the Au13 motherboard is pretty well equipped.

Included are a 5. Email Article To Friend.

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Even with a ‘normal’ cooling solution, the overclocking potential is excellent. Since there are mounting holes au13 motherboard the northbridge, the passive ah13 could be removed and a 3rd party chipset cooler like the Vantec Iceberq CCB-A1 or Microcool Northpole added.

The specifications on the AU13 are very similar au13 motherboard the AU11 Chameleon that it replaces, but the motherboard layout is different. The AU13 comes in a pretty novel package. Although Adobe Acrobat is free, it’s included also. The green portion of the box is actually a sleeve that gets ‘unsheathed’ from the silver portion to reveal the motherboard box we are used to seeing. So, would Au13 motherboard recommend this motherboard?

AU13 boot problems

Search For More Articles! The differences between the 3 models are as follows:. Upon emptying the box, we find a decent bundle of included hardware. Print Au13 motherboard Of Article.

Print Version Of Article. Even though the nForce2 was delayed a few months when it au13 motherboard eventually released, the chipset was heads and shoulders above anything else on the market.

I was kind of disappointed that no rounded cables were included since a lot of manufacturers are including them nowadays.